The first integrated neurology clinic in Bucharest

Our story began more than a year ago, when Dan Mitrea, a neurologist and the founder of the clinic, imagined this concept of medical specialty in neurology, where patients can benefit from the full range of neuroscience services.

Why neurology?

Because our whole body is based on its nervous system. Each part of the body acts, feels and interacts with the environment through the nervous system. Its impairments are numerous and often people who suffer from them do not know to whom they should address them.

The purpose of this project is, and was from the beginning, centred on the needs of patients. Thus, the clinic is arranged in a modern, welcoming style, adapted to patients with neurological disorders, precisely because they benefit from consultations, investigations, treatments and monitoring services, using the best medical equipment.

The Neuroaxis Clinic brings together teams of neurologists of internationally renowned consultants, dedicated physicians, who together cover all areas of neuroscience and related fields: neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, medical recovery, cardiology, or spinal surgery. Together, our team employs more than 22 consultants with various over-specializations, as well as doctors from abroad (France, Germany, England) all motivated by their passion for medicine and the desire to provide patients with the best possible health care.

In order to provide complete services to the patients of the clinic, we integrated a holistic component, namely yoga therapy, developed in collaboration with a yogi master from India.

The clinic has three consulting rooms, a treatment room, a vascular ultrasound investigation room, an electromyography investigation (EMG) room, and an epileptology laboratory for EEG video surveillance and somnology.

We want to change and improve the quality of life of people suffering from neurological diseases and we invite you to come with us in this endeavour.

Last Updated on November 28, 2023


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