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Collaboration between Neuroaxis and Angiomedica

Heart or brain? That’s right, you cannot rule out any of them.
Neurology and cardiology are two interdependent medical specialisations, so linked to each other that any damage to one of the systems (nervous or cardiovascular) can lead to disturbances in the other system. Therefore, a wide range of patients entering the Neuroxis clinic also experience cardiovascular disorders.
Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach is needed for these patients if we want to establish a correct and integrated diagnosis.
Beginning with November, Neuroaxis facilitates patient access to cardiovascular medical services, cardiologists or renowned cardiovascular surgeons, with the partnership we have entered into with Angiomedica Cardiovascular Disease Hospital (Intrarea Cosminului, nr.13, Sector 2, Bucharest).The Angiomedica Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital is the first private integrated diagnostic center to offer examination, minimally invasive treatment and monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease from Bucharest, from the country or abroad.

Patients can access at Angiomedica Hospital a wide range of services such as:

  • Clinical cardiology
  • hybrid techniques
  • minimally-invasive cardiovascular surgery
  • Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology.

We chose Angiomedica as a partner for the following reasons:

  • They have an exceptional medical team (Angiomedica doctors are consultants, associate professors, senior consultants and international specialists)
  • Top equipment that ensures medical performance.
  • Functional exploration by Angiomedica that complements Neuroaxis clinic (peripheral angiography, TA Holter, exercise carpet stress test etc.)
  • The risk of in-hospital infections is limited to the maximum (sanitation of the space with UV lamps and nebulisers, as well as its monitoring by the epidemiologist, confirm the attention given to this issue and limit the risk of in-hospital infection)

For more details please call 031.9995 or visit www.angiomedica.ro. Neuroaxis staff can also provide you with additional information about Angiomedica services.

Last Updated on December 4, 2017


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