Neuroaxis Team

The concept of the integrated clinic that we promote with Neuroaxis is reflected in every aspect of our work and in particular in the range of services and specialisations that we offer to our patients.
In an attempt to cover the complexity of neurological diseases, we brought together specialists in neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, neurosurgery, cardiology and spinal surgery. We also approached a holistic therapeutic concept, namely Yoga therapy.
In order to complement the list of services offered to our patients, we have collaborated with other medical professionals from Healthcare Networks such as Regina Maria (Queen Mary) and Hiperdia for imaging investigations, from the Genetic Center Synevo for Genetic Testing and laboratory tests.
Complex medical cases are managed in partnership with leading medical institutions from France, England and Germany, where our doctors constantly participate in multidisciplinary meetings, specialised courses and presentations.

The medical team of Neuroaxis counts 26 consultants and medical technicians with international experience and training, with over-specialisations in all subgroups of neurology and the related domains.


  • Ioana Mîndruţă – Senior neurology consultant – Head of Department at UMF Carol Davila – Epileptology / Electroencephalogram (EEG) / Somnology (Coordinator of the epilepsy / somnology department)
  • Laura Crăciun – Neurology Consultant – Epileptology / Electroencephalogram (EEG) / Somnology
  • Sanda Nica – Senior Neurology Consultant – Head of Department at UMF Carol Davila (coordinator of the neurology department)
  • Armand Frăsineanu – Senior Neurology Consultant – (neurology department coordinator)
  • Dan Andrei Mitrea – Neurology Consultant – Neuro-oncology (Medical director)
  • Cristina Lupu – Neurology Consultant
  • Gabriela Socoliuc – Neurology Consultant
  • Radu Mihăilescu – Neurology Consultant
  • Ana Maria Vladila – Neurology Consultant
  • Oana Morari – Neurology Consultant – Electromyography (EMG)
  • Ionela Codiţă – Neurology Consultant – Electromyography (EMG)
  • Cristina Hertea – Neurology Consultant – Doppler ultrasound (ultrasound department coordinator)
  • Andreea Mitu – Neurology Consultant – Doppler ultrasound
  • Georgiana Marin – Neurology Consultant – Doppler ultrasound

Related specialisations Neurosurgery

  • Horaţiu Ioani – Neurosurgery Consultant (Coordinator of the Neurosurgery Department)
  • Bogdan Ene (France) – Neurosurgery Consultant – minimally invasive neurosurgery, basic skull neurosurgery
  • Andrei Brînzeu (France) – Neurosurgery Consultant – functional neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery


  • Raluca Ianula – Cardiology Senior Consultant – Assistant Lecturer at UMF Carol Davila


  • Cătălina Hogea – Psychiatry Consultant

Spinal surgery

  • Mircea Schmidt (Germany) – Orthopedy and spinal surgery Senior Consultant

Other specialisations

  • Viviana Mitrea – Imagery Consultant
  • Raluca Jipa – Infectious disease Consultant – Assistant Lecturer at UMF Carol Davila
  • Alexandru Barborica – medical technician

Yoga Therapy

  • Avisek Majumdar – therapist

The multitude of specializations and the complexity of the practical and academic training of Neuroxis team members are a guarantee for the efficiency and performance of the services offered. They ensure the development of an integrated, multidisciplinary system for diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients.

Last Updated on March 23, 2020

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