Greater certainty for phase II-IV clinical trials​

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Neuroaxis Research has the expertise, site staff team, logistics and patient pool to support drug, medical device, diagnostic and combination product research programs at the highest standards.

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Whether you are looking to carry out a single study or embark on a challenging and extensive clinical trial, you can trust Neuroaxis Research to supply optimal site planning, investigators, clinical personnel, participants and data quality.​

The right site. ​
The right investigators.

The right patients ​for your clinical trials.​

Led by an experienced team, Neuroaxis Research is equipped to conduct high-quality, predictable, and efficient clinical trials in different healthcare sectors. ​
Keep reading to learn how our unique model ensures operational excellence for every trial.​

Extensive on-site resources​

  • Top location & medical facilities

Neuroaxis Clinic is a modern medical location, easy to reach from Bucharest center. Designed by top medical architects, it offers a purpose-built, dedicated, and flexible space for research. Equipped with top medical technology, the space adapts to accommodate specific study logistics and meets the diverse needs of researchers and varying intensities of studies.

  • Fully equipped imaging department

MRI Magneton Lumina 3 Tesla – Siemens,
CT Somatom go.Up – Siemens, vEEG, EMG, PSG, Holter T/ECG, Respiratory poligraphy, Ultrasound – for cardiovascular and soft tissue imaging.  

  • Outpatient clinic system
  • Day hospital for extended monitoring periods
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • On site/local availability of modern integrated diagnostic
  • Full time medical & project teams

World-class patient engagement​

Enroll the right patients faster
Neuroaxis Research accurately forecasts and meets enrollment and retention targets, including for high-volume and hard-to-recruit research programs. Our growing patient pool covers all fields of neurological conditions (including rare diseases) and is expanding toward cardiology, psychiatry, rheumatology, and other medical fields. We nourish an excellent relationship with our current patients and have the means to bring in any type of patient your study may need.​

  • Access to proprietary, physician, and practice databases ​
  • Immediate enrollment support upon study starts ​
  • Intensive community outreach ​
  • Participant adherence and retention programs ​
  • Access to niche populations, procedures, and facilities​

Investigators ​you can trust​

Experienced Site Staff Team
Our reputation for a well-trained, enthusiastic, and high-quality workforce is nationally recognized, with accessible experienced principal investigators. Neurology studies will be led by renowned neurologist doctor Dan Mitrea. A seasoned site staff with a wealth of expertise ensures the highest standards of quality and efficiency in every phase of your research journey.

  • Doctors with international experience, committed to research
  • Rare disease specialists
  • Integrated procedures
  • Project management/study coordination
  • Scientific advice for protocol development

Clinical trial proficiency​

Expertise that meets your every need ​
Our experience with clinical studies and regulatory guidelines allows us to provide advice on the most appropriate way to generate robust evidence through your clinical trial. Our expert team ensures scientific advice for protocol development in every stage of the study, to support the timely and sound development of high-quality and effective results, for the benefit of patients.

  • Professional data collection and management ​
  • Adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) ​
  • Ethical Considerations​
  • Safety Monitoring ​
  • Adaptability

Fast activation​​

Streamlined start-up process ​
With over 6 years of experience in project management, Neuroaxis focuses on helping you expedite your site selection process by supplying fast, accurate responses to questionnaires and feasibility studies. We offer competitive fully executed timelines and our straightforward regulatory process, and standardized contract agreement reduce start-up time by up to two weeks from your first call.

  • Collaboration and Communication ​
  • Realistic Timelines ≤30 days from study award to site initiation visit ​
  • Clinical trial feasibility protocol ​
  • Single point of contact ensures seamless communication ​
  • Continuous process Improvement

Count on the experience of your investigators and research staff in ​all branches of neurology and more!​

  • Neuro-vascular​
  • Neuro-immunology​
  • Movement Disorders
  • ​Somnology ​| Epileptology
  • Neuro-oncology ​
  • Neurodegenerative
  • Diseases ​
  • Rare Neurological Diseases
  • Craniofacial Pain ​
  • Conditions of the Peripheral Nervous System ​
  • Neuro-infections ​
  • Inherited and Acquired Metabolic Disorders with Neurological Impact ​
  • Neuroimaging ​
  • Doppler Ultrasound ​
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • ​Anxiety Disorder ​
  • Depression ​
  • Personality Disorders ​
  • Sleep Disorders ​

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