Neuroaxis and Centrokinetic

The medical recovery is essential for the recovery of patients with neurological disorders. Therefore, Neuroaxis relies only on the best specialists to care for its patients.
Starting with November, we started collaborating with Centrokinetic, the recovery clinic for physiotherapy and kinetotherapy.

With more than 15 years of experience in recovery medicine, Centrokinetic therapists have various over-specialisations, from sports traumatology and orthopedic traumatology to physiotherapy, TECAR therapy and therapeutic massage.
Because each particularity of the medical recovery process is important, there are special departments at Centrokinetic dedicated to certain diseases and treatment procedures: the Department of Physiotherapy, the Department of Physical Therapy, the Department of Medical Recovery for Children and the Department of Spine Recovery.
Together, Neuroaxis and Centrokinetic aim to provide patients with the highest quality services, quick answers to their problems and safe and modern treatments.
In order to optimise the patient’s diagnostic-treatment-recovery circuit, two Neuroxis neurologists, Dr. Cristina Hertea and Dr. Cristina Lupu, will be present every month in the Centrokinetic clinic to provide specialist consultations.
For more details or appointments please call 031.433.53.71 or visit

Last Updated on November 28, 2023


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