Sleep disturbances are investigated by the polysomnograph. The procedure consists in simultaneous monitoring several parameters, during sleep, in a room specially designed for this purpose. The elctroencephalogram, thoracic movements (breathing), limb movements and electrocardiogram are monitored, both audio and video. The purpose of polysomnography is to determine the existence of sleep physiology disorders that can indicate degenerative affections, but also memory and concentration disorders or many other conditions.

Polysomnography is interpreted by a doctor over-specialised in somnology at our clinic. It is necessary to consult a neurologist before a sleep study, to whom we advise you to go along with your partner.

For a sleep analysis it is recommended that you have your pajamas and personal hygiene items.

The consultation period is up to 7-8 hours during the night and involves the hospitalization of the patient in the somnology lab.

The cost of investigating sleep disorders is of 2000 lei, breakfast included.