Sleep apnoea or sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS) is one of the most common sleep disorders. It affects men and women alike and is manifested by the temporary interruption of breathing during sleep. It takes a number of 10 interruptions longer than 10 seconds to consider that a patient suffers from sleep apnea.
Diagnosis of apnea and its severity is achieved by the respiratory polygraphy. The polygraph is a special device that monitors breathing during sleep and records its interruptions. In addition to the nasal flow, it analyses a number of other parameters such as pulse, oxygen saturation and body position.
The polygraph is easy to mount and does not create discomfort to the patient. The investigation takes place at night at the patient’s home or in the somnology lab. After the investigation, the results are interpreted by the specialist who will observe the type of apnoea the patient suffers from and the severity thereof.
The treatment for sleep apnoea syndrome is the use of special devices (CPAP or APAP) designed to supplement the oxygen deficiency during the breathing discontinuation.
For the choice of the equipment and masks appropriate to each patient, an investigation night, similar to the polygraphic examination, is required. In the second investigation night, a polygraph and a treatment device (APAP) will be mounted to achieve polygraphic titration.
Based on an examination of the titration results, the patient’s therapeutic course will be chosen.

Price of the respiratory polygraphy at home: 350 lei

Price of the poligraphic titration price at home: 325 lei
Proce of examination and poligraphic printout package: 625 lei