Electroencephalogram is a method that investigates the electrical activity of the brain. The procedure involves the mounting of electrodes on the scalp surface, which collectively records the electrical activity of the neurons.

By video-EEG (simultaneous video recording with electroencephalography), additional information is obtained that allows to have the electrical brain activity correlated to the clinical manifestations of the patient. This type of investigation determines the electro-physiological modifications of the cerebral cortex, which may present malformations of the grey matter/cortex, epilepsy, genetic diseases, tumours etc.

The electroencephalogram (EEG and video-EEG) is interpreted by a specialist and the investigation is performed upon the recommendation of a neurologist.

The duration of an electroencephalogram (EEG and video-EEG) investigation is from at least 3 hours to 72 hours. If done during the night, the patient is required to be in the epileptology laboratory.

The cost of an electroencephalogram investigation (EEG and video-EEG):

  • EEG-video monitoring 3h – 900 Lei
  • EEG-video monitoring 8h  – 1500 lei
  • EEG-video monitoring 12 h at night  – 2100 lei
  • EEG-video monitoring 24h  – 2800 lei
  • EEG-video monitoring 48h  – 4200 lei
  • Source localization (EEG mapping)  – 2700 lei