The Neuroaxis


At Neuroaxis, we bring together renowned, experienced physicians and young doctors, highly committed and strongly united by the desire to reach performance and improve the lives of our patients. Together, we cover all the branches of neurology and neurosurgery, as well as related specializations: cardiology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, rheumatology, spinal surgery, pneumology and infectious diseases.



For complex medical issues, one or more multidisciplinary committees will be set up, consisting of consultants with competence in several areas of expertise, in order to evaluate and recommend the optimal path of investigation and treatment in order to obtain the maximum benefit for the patient.

In general, these meetings are suitable for oncological cases or rare diseases that may have an impact on the whole body.
The committees meet at the request of the treating physician, evaluate the existing situation (documents, investigations etc.) and propose the optimal solutions for the future investigations and for the treatment to be followed.

The expert groups are from Romania and abroad, the meetings taking place both physically and in the virtual environment.

At the end of the meeting, a report, with the committee’s conclusions and recommendations, will be produced, which will be sent to the patient and to the treating physician/physician team or to a specialist/team recommended by the committee. The patient can also take part in these meetings.