Getting ready for a consultation

The neurology consultation lasts on average between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the problem you have been referred to the specialist, and includes 3 steps:

  • A detailed discussion about the condition you are addressing to the doctor, including some questions about your medical history.
  • The clinical examination, the stage in which the doctor will perform a neurological examination to determine clinical deficits or signs.
  • The recommendation of investigations and appropriate treatment. There are situations where a reassessment is needed to determine the exact background of the deficits or problems addressed by the patient.

In order to make the evaluation and diagnosis process more efficient and to save time, we recommend that you prepare documents with your medical history (if any):

  • Blood Tests
  • Imaging Investigations (MRI, CT, RX, etc.)
  • Previous medical consultations or assessments
  • Current or previous treatments etc.

Also, please have a valid ID (passport/card/etc.) necessary for the registration in the clinic’s database.
It is preferable to come 15 minutes before the appointment time, in order to complete the necessary data and to sign the consents. If you are late or unable to arrive at the indicated time for a neurological consultation or investigation, please let us know in advance to reschedule you or to notify your doctor and keep your appointment.
We encourage you to prepare a list of questions to ask the specialist. Neuroaxis doctors are willing and open to answer any misunderstanding you have.
If there are any unclear issues regarding the services you are going to receive, you can contact our staff at our phone number 031.425.18.25 or by e-mail at

Appointment and visit to the clinic

For appointments you can fill in the form on the site (see below) or you can call the phone number 031 425 18 25. You will be notified by SMS the day before about your appointment so you can confirm your neurological consultation in advance.
For a visit to Neuroaxis Clinic in Bucharest, you can go there both by car and by underground train, tram or trolleybus. (More details below)
Please come 15 minutes before the appointment time to complete the registration procedures. Thank you! 

The importance of investigations

Your physician (GP) will determine the need for specific medical investigations to confirm the suspected diagnosis. These can be done in our clinic or in partner clinics/hospitals with an appointment. For the full list of neurological investigations available at Neuroaxis go to the SERVICES section. 

Tariff rates

For a complete list of prices in our Neurology Clinic in Bucharest, please visit the TARIFFS section.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made in cash, by bank card or by payment order (PO). If you have a private health insurance with a company we have a contract with, the cost of medical services will be settled directly by the insurer. We offer the possibility to pay the medical services in instalments through credit cards that allow this facility.

The importance of prevention and early diagnosis

In the case of neurological disorders, the treatment gives the best results when the condition is diagnosed early. Moreover, the current lifestyle of the patient influences to a great extent the resistance and general health condition and one of the most important organs is the brain along with the rest of the nervous system. It is the duty of each of us to constantly monitor our health status by regular visits to our family physician and to a consultant.
We, the team at Neuroaxis are with you and we offer the right advice in any situation.
Frequent questions